Custom Tents

Custom Tent Design For Your Unique Needs

Envision Tents has a diverse variety of stretch tents for hire and sale available to suit your every need. Our designs are inspired by the geometry you find in nature, with the shapes we choose highlighting our creativity.

With Envision Tents, each customer is treated as an individual, and our tents can be customised to meet these different needs.

We listen to your ideas, adapt our designs after an in-depth consultation, and make your vision come to life. Take a look at our selection of solutions below.

Let Us Bring Your Vision To Life

There are no construction permits needed for stretch tent extensions. However, we do advise using an engineering report for larger installations, which we will gladly facilitate.

We have performed extensive engineering research, and are able to provide safe and secure rope and anchor free installations for our various custom tents and canopies.

Using secure construction techniques and well-grounded poles, we can install structures of up to 300m2 without any rope or ground anchor involved, creating a safe environment for your guests.

Personalised Touches

For our permanent installations, our matte exterior coating ensures longevity, while the organic canvas on the inside offers a warm, natural feel.

We use different materials that can be adapted to your personal setting. You can choose to finish the installation with free-standing classic wood, exotic bamboo or modern aluminum poles depending on the identity of the venue.

Once your custom tent or canopy has been installed, we can measure and tailor-make a versatile and easy-to-use side-panel system. We offer full or transparent side panels.

Our Personalised Process

Envision tents personalized process infographic of Custom tents stretch tents in Belgium

Creative And Client Based

Envision Tents is a client-based company with years of experience in installing semi-permanent and permanent structures in the hospitality and private sector.

We focus on the needs of our clients, and use our experience and passion to create canopies and custom tents that bring your vision to life.

Talk to us today about how we can help you.