Creation Series


Our hexagon stretch tents embody the building blocks of creation. When we look at nature, we find that the hexagon is one of the most dominant patterns. It is a symbol of harmony and balance, but also an extremely efficient structural shape. Of all the geometric shapes, the hexagon is arguably the most powerful and fascinating one.

Our 900m2 stretch tent construction is a multi-level, modular, geometric design which is aligned with the distinctive aspects of the hexagon. Our Hexadome tent has been designed with festivals in mind, but can be used for almost any event. This structure has been used by us in three different ways for three different events, with each one being hugely successful for our clients.

We not only look at the geometric aspects of the hexagon for our Hexadome stretch tents, but we aim to combine this with the natural aspects of the hexagon, which include the strengthening value of Balance, Union, Harmony, Equality, Perfection, Integration, Conjoining, and Reliability. The reliability and conjoining aspects of the hexagonal shape are what we focus on for our Hexadome tent.

Envision-Tents-Stretch-Belgium-Hexadome- Hexagon

Material Benefits

We can use a variety of materials in unique ways to erect this stretch tent and support the centre. The tent fabric is usually FR Premium 3PLY canvas, which we choose for the following benefits:

  • 100% UV protection
  • High level of water resistance
  • Fire repellant capabilities
  • Organic look and feel

Depending on the weather conditions, we can lift the center area using a slightly different base structure.

The center can also be aligned to create the feeling of an open arena.

Envision-Tents-Stretch-Tent-Belgium-Hexadome- Hexagon- Dimensions
Envision-Tents-Stretch-Tent-Belgium-Hexadome- Hexagon- 3D- Module- 35
Envision-Tents-Stretch-Tent-Belgium-Hexadome- Hexagon- 3D- Module- 31
Envision-Tents-Stretch-Tent-Belgium-Hexadome- Hexagon- 3D- Module- 22

Every element of our modular format can stand on its own or can be combined in inventive ways.

Create a natural sheltered space with our hexagonal shaped stretch tent solutions.

Envision-Tents-Stretch-Tent-Belgium-Hexadome- Hexagon- Canvas- Colours

Because we are an extremely creative stretch tent solutions provider, we understand that every event needs to stand out.

We offer different colours of canvas and can even customise the material with branding and logos for your event.


· Two-level hexagonal construction

· Open or closed roof

· Modular installation options

· All elements can be installed separately

· Bamboo, wood or hybrid trussing construction for staged concepts

· Flying steel cable construction, no center pole required

· Huge surface coverage

Envision-Tents-Stretch-Tent-Belgium-Hexadome- Hexagon- Details
Envision-Tents-Stretch-Tent-Belgium-Hexadome- Hexagon- Open- Setup
Envision-Tents-Stretch-Tent-Belgium-Hexadome- Hexagon-corners-down

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