A Selection Of Tents

Envision has a diverse variety of stretch tents for hire and sale available to suit your every need. Our designs are inspired by the geometry you find in nature, with the shapes we choose highlighting our creativity.

With Envision Tents, each customer is treated as an individual, and our tents can be customised to meet these different needs. We listen to your ideas, adapt our designs after an in-depth consultation, and make your vision come to life. Take a look at our selection of solutions below.

Creation Series

The hexagon embodies the building blocks of creation. When we look at nature, we find that the hexagon is one of the most dominant patterns. It is a symbol of harmony and balance, but also an extremely efficient structural shape.

Envision Hybrid stretch Hexadome tents for festivals and events for hire and for sale in Belgium
Octagon tent for festival and events for sale and hire in Belgium by Envision tents

Infinity Series

The number eight is often seen in multiple industries, such as architecture and science, and as such the Octagon is associated with a powerful presence, often used as a symbol of balance. It is this balance that you will find in our Infinity Series tents.

Hybrid Structures

Truss systems are commonly used to erect temporary structures for events or festivals. They are modular enough to form any configuration, and we make use of these hybrid structures for their innate versatility.

Envision Hybrid stretch tents for festivals and events for hire and for sale in Belgium
Envision Modular series stretch tents at festival and events for hire and for sale in Belgium

Standard Modular Series

Our Bedouin-style stretch tents for sale and hire are inspired by the incredible tents of the nomadic Bedouin people. They are functional and they create welcoming spaces that encourage collaboration in a warm, relaxing atmosphere.

Sailcloth Tents

A sailcloth tent is ideal for a romantic setting, like an outdoor wedding or anniversary soirée. It helps to create a welcoming, sophisticated, and natural venue for any event. These circular or oval tents connect your guests with nature.

Envision sailcloth stretch tent for hire and for sale at wedding in Belgium
Luxury Envision Canvas Belle tents for hire and for sale in Belgium

Belle Tents

At outdoor events, comfortable and practical accommodation can be hard to come by. With our canvas Belle tents for sale and hire, you can provide a 100% weatherproof, mobile accommodation solution for your events.