Paradise City


We love to work with like-minded people, and Paradise City ticked all the boxes.
With a very conscious vision on leaving an as small as a possible event footprint
in our natural environment, we are very proud to keep providing innovative
stretch tent ideas for one of the most sustainable festivals in the world.

Ongoing Love Story

What started out as a small stage cover in 2016 grew into an ongoing love story.
Over the years, we evolved together with Belgium’s leading green and sustainable
festival, creating stretch tent solutions for multiple aspects of the festival, from
covering stages and dance floors to crew areas and camping ablutions.

Natural Arena

In 2017 we were asked to design a natural arena where the crowd could enjoy the
open air and sunshine whilst still having a cosy enclosed feeling. This was the
perfect setting to showcase our modular Hexadome stretch tents installation.
Using bamboo as the main structural element maintained the natural
atmosphere, and the end result was inspiring.


As all great events do, this exceptional boutique festival gained popularity fast.
Paradise City was able to maintain their ecological standards and continued to
raise awareness of the environment among Belgian citizens, many of whom
came to celebrate life at Castle Ribaucourt in Perk, Belgium.


Popularity inevitably leads to expansions, and we easily adapted our modular stretch
tent solutions to meet the needs of this unique festival. The transition from a small
town into a metropolitan paradise city doesn’t go without upgrading the
infrastructure and so we innovated our rigging systems to create new opportunities in
design. Doing this we were able to let even more people have the experience of a lifetime. 

Our stretch tent designs excel in their natural habitat: worldwide dance floors.

Psy-Fi Festival

Music & Arts

The Psy- Fi Music And Arts Festival is about much more than just the music.
It is about connecting people from all over the world.

Organic Look

Being one of the largest international festivals in the Netherlands and attracting
thousands of visitors from about 100 different countries, The Psy-Fi Music And
Arts Festival has its finger on the pulse of the public. It offers a diverse array of
art, music and workshops for attendees to experience.

De Groene Ster

With the festival being situated in the lush, green recreational area of the ‘De Groene Ster’, the
organisers quickly realised that the organic look and feel of our stretch tents were the perfect
match for their one-of-a-kind music and arts experience.

Creating Shelter

We provided shelter for festival-goers with our natural stretch tents, helping to
protect the people and the infrastructure with the sometimes unpredictable
European weather conditions.


Over a six-year period, our involvement grew into a rather extensive collaboration,
with our team installing a total of almost 4000 sqm of stretch tents. We introduced
several new formats, such as a high-end glamping village servicing 100 Belle tents,
including an inventive stretch tent kitchen, ablutions block, restaurant, and
interactive art galleries.


Chill Out Space

Then came the question of if it was possible to find a way to create a “Chill Out” space
with a fire inside. We don’t believe in the impossible, and so we made it happen.


Hexagonal Chimney

The original idea of an open space with a bonfire at the heart of the structure had
to change due to the extreme rains that summer. Our fast-thinking and inherent
creativity led us to the end result of a hexagonal chimney, which allowed us to
easily cover the central area.

Holistic Retreat Center

Reinventing Space

We have never been one to avoid a challenge, and when we were given the
chance to transform a forgotten wasteland into a holistic centre using our unique
vision and stretch tents, we did what we do best – we truly reinvented the space.

Oasis Of Peace

The conceptual idea was to create a small retreat centre, an oasis of peace, where
people could come to escape the rat race of daily life and take some much-needed
time out for themselves. They would be able to go for walks in the surrounding
nature, enjoy meditative yoga classes, and inspiring workshops.


When it comes to developing a long-term project like this,we take our time to
prepare the site, in order to lay out the design and plan accordingly. During the
design and sourcing process, we will always choose the most ecological and
sustainable solutions we can find. If we can recycle materials, we will happily do so.


Our team wrecked tirelessly onsite for almost three months to prepare, install,
build, nurture, and guide the project as it was growing. The Holistic Retreat
Centre is situated in the middle of a beautiful nature reserve, and the
formal farm was reassigned to a new destination.


With winter ending and the greenery of spring arriving as we arrived onsite, we
needed to plan strategically for starting this creative project. We began by
outlining the foundations, and after the milling of the rough terrain and
removing all the roots and other obstacles, we could start on the
welding to build a levelled base for our vision.



After many weeks of grouting, preparing and constructing, we were able to sow
the first seeds and plants in the fresh soil. Slowly but surely, we managed to reach
the final phase, with grass and plants flourishing and our stretch tents providing a
holistic space for relaxation and healing. We started with a beautiful concept
and ended with a remarkable result.


The Making Of

Starting from under scratch it even takes a while to reach ground zero. With a
persistent and positive mindset, amazing things are bound to happen and
there is nothing that can’t be achieved.


The Making Of

Seed by seed and brick by brick we kept unfolding our plan, building the yellow brick
road and following our trail..magic happens all the time when nature does it’s thing…