Our Process

How we work

We collaborate with clients in order to co-create your ideal stretch tent design experience every step of the way. Envision Tents is here to deliver on your vision, your objectives, and your reality.

  • 1We start every conversation in a professional and friendly manner, where we will quickly envision your project.
  • 2We arrange a site meeting in order to evaluate the venue and discuss your project details.
  • 3After this site meeting, we spend time developing a creative, unique concept that brings your vision to life, and provide you with an initial cost estimate for your project.
  • 4After going over the initial project proposal with you, we make amendments according to your personal preferences. This step helps us to finalise the creative concept and pricing model.
  • 5We install the tent at the venue, efficiently and effectively. We provide a seamless, professional service for every client, no matter what your stretch tent needs might be.
  • 6If requested, we provide an on-call management team to ensure your event runs smoothly and provides attendees with an optimal experience.
  • 7Once your event is over, our expert team quickly disassembles the tent within a predetermined time frame.

By following these seven steps, Envision Tents delivers a truly bespoke experience that speaks to your identity, your vision, and your reality. Whether you need a romantic setting for your wedding or an exciting stretch tent for your eco-friendly festival, we make it happen.