Frequently Asked Questions

We collaborate with clients in order to co-create your ideal stretch tent design experience every step of the way. Envision Tents is here to deliver on your vision, your objectives, and your reality.

To decide what kind of stretch tent you need to rent or buy, consider the purpose of the tent. You are not simply renting a tent but you are setting up a temporary venue. You will need to consider the logistics of your event, such as catering, decoration, seats and lighting. Our team will help you find the perfect tent solution for your event.

After inspecting the area that needs to be covered, our team installs all of the rigging points and additional features. This makes installation on already-existing structures possible, helping to create a unique look and feel for your event space. 

Truss systems, which are commonly used to erect temporary modular structures including indoor and outdoor stages, are used in conjunction with modular stretch tents. This allows us to construct a variety of super-secure configurations, and enables the combination of stretch tents and existing structures.

A Bedouin tent can be pitched anywhere and in almost any weather conditions. On a patch of grass between the trees, in your garden as a private oasis, any location is possible for a Bedouin stretch tent. Please inform our rigging team in advance about what kind of surface the tent will be pitched on. 

We use tools such as pegs, bolts, or ballasts to ensure that your stretch tent can be placed on almost any surface. We will visit your location to ensure that a Bedouin tent can be used on the grounds and to avoid any possible surprises on the day of the event.

It usually takes a professional team between 2 to 4 hours to rig or dismantle a stretch tent, and this depends on the size of the tent as well as the surface that it is being installed on. Larger tents might take longer, depending on how many structures need to be installed.

We can provide you with a rough estimate of our stretch tent sizes and options. For a more accurate representation, tell us how many guests are attending your event, how many tables are required, and if a dancing area and music are needed. This information allows us to provide a Bedouin tent that is the perfect size for your event.

This is where Envision Tents excels. We provide you with all the accessories you need to create the perfect atmosphere for your event. A Bedouin tent’ exterior exudes natural beauty, but the inside can be equally as stunning. 

Combining the right sound, lighting and decorative design can enhance your event. We use different materials, such as wood, aluminium, and bamboo to erect your tent and combine these with complementary flooring. We can adapt the look and feel of our stretch tents to suit any environment.

Yes you can. Besides providing most standard sizes on the market, Envision Tents creates original, conceptual designs. We provide innovative solutions for your stretch tent needs, offering a completely custom experience.

It will usually take between 2 to 4 hours for a professional team to rig or dismantle a stretch tent, but this depends on the size of the tent and the surface it needs to be erected on. The size of the tent plays a large role in determining the manpower required for rigging. 

Smaller tents (54m2 ) generally require two people to rig and dismantle, while the larger tents (150m2) require between 3 to 5 professionals to rig and dismantle.

Envision Tents provides durable, waterproof, UV protective and wind resistant quality tents in a wide range of shapes and colour palettes. All sizes are modular and can be combined with other tents to suit your needs.

Because our stretch tent fabric is so versatile, we are creative when it comes to pitching a tent. We combine this creativity with our focus on protecting you and your guests from all inclement weather conditions. 

Provided that the Bedouin stretch tent conforms to the regulations, you can be as creative as you like with the layout. We can enclose a Bedouin tent effectively without having any negative effects on the appearance.

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